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‘To Google’ – With Love

‘To Google’ – With Love

Google has joined the likes of Hoover, Photoshop, Superglue and Velcro where the brand has become a verb. ‘Googling’ is synonymous with using the search engine to solve all your problems.

Integrated Marketing and The Endless Echoes of Mad Men

In case you hadn't noticed, 'integrated marketing' has come full circle. Back in the day, when Mad Men roamed Madison Avenue and TV advertising was the new kid on the block, everyone wanted a slice of the marketing action. In late-1950s Britain, television sets in...

Travel Copywriting for All-inclusive Holidays

  Does anyone really care whether all-inclusive holidays come with a bag-full of issues?  Or is it simply the case that you either love 'em or hate 'em?  For copywriters who are involved with the marketing of 'all-inclusives', these are real challenges that mean...


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