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 Are you looking for an experienced brochure copywriter? A copywriter who can take your product or service and set it in a strategic wonderland that makes perfect business sense?

With experience of brochure copywriting going way back beyond the online era – to almost before the birth of Buzzwords itself! – Mike Beeson knows all there is to know about writing brochures. And that includes bringing together a complete design and print or web coding package if required.

Wherever possible, Mike Beeson will ‘theme’ your brochure with a relevant and imaginative creative concept. The headline and visual idea on the front cover will continue in the headlines, body copy, photography and graphics. This unifies the selling proposition in the mind’s eye of the reader and consolidates the argument in favour of the product or service being featured.


What is a brochure copywriter?

Many people assume that anyone with enough time and product knowledge can make a reasonable stab at brochure copywriting. This is complete nonsense.

Whilst it may seem straightforward to include every known fact about your product or service somewhere in the brochure, this doesn’t take account of the need to develop a logical sales argument. Nor does it recognise any over-arching creative concept whose words and pictures come together as one.

To create a polished and persuasive finished product, a professional copywriter will draw on three skillsets: copywriting discipline, creative flair and business awareness.


An experienced copywriter knows instinctively about length of copy and a balanced layout, tone of voice and speaking in appropriate language to your target audience.

Creative Flair

As already mentioned, brochure copywriting is about much more than lining up the words. It’s also about being able to visualise how the creative concept will look – and how it will work on the wide-open pages! The end result will have a professionalism that only a skilled copywriter can achieve.

Business awareness

Brochures are the ultimate selling document. To write them well calls for wide-ranging business awareness. All copywriting is ‘salesmanship in print’. That’s why your copywriter should be able to bring a business dimension to the table that goes way beyond the basic craft skills of copywriting.


An overview of brochure copywriting

The versatility of brochures is what makes them so useful. Whether in printed or online format, they can be vehicles for almost any type of information as well as a wide range of visuals including photos, graphs, exploded diagrams and so on. Especially useful is being able to insert product sheets into a specially created wallet at the back of your brochure.

Corporate brochure copywriting

To an extent, corporate brochures have been replaced by websites. For many companies, however, a well-written and designed corporate brochure (or Annual Report) is an essential tool for communicating with key customers, shareholders, various financial institutions and potential investors.

Needless to say, the copy must be authoritative and crystal clear. The business information must be well-structured and easy to understand. And, lastly, it must demonstrate that the company understands the various ‘publics’ and markets that the brochure is addressing.

Brochure copywriting for products and services

Every company needs sales collateral in the shape of brochures, leaflets, product sheets and so on to promote its wares. Nowadays, they provide useful back-up for online marketing; for company representatives to hand out before and after a meeting; to provide visual support for business proposals; or to include as part of a media pack at exhibitions.

It goes without saying that the copy should be focused, persuasive and consistent in its message. Your copywriter will therefore appreciate a comprehensive brief outlining all the facts and figures you want to include, and a clear idea of your target audience.

Travel brochures

This is a specialist area of copywriting that relies heavily on sales flair, rather than the more informational approach required for other brochures. Buzzwords has worked extensively as a travel copywriter for some leading names in the UK travel industry. Having the ability to combine flair with a capacity to organise information should always be a consideration for clients who commission travel copywriters.

Online brochure copywriting

E-brochures combine the techniques of e-mail marketing with traditional brochure production skills. They’re a brilliant way of reaching your target audience quickly and relatively cheaply. The immediacy of the medium says it must have strong visual impact with a benefit-led headline and powerful, concise copy that says it all in double-quick time. With links available to find out more, either on your website or in a downloadable PDF file, e-brochures are a proven addition to any marketer’s arsenal.


Examples of Buzzwords’ brochure copywriting:

With many years’ writing experience, Mike Beeson’s work could fill this entire page! To give you a flavour of copy style and overall approach, here are a few examples of previous projects:

Whether you need a brochure copywriter right away – or you’re planning to revamp your marketing collateral in the near future – why not call Mike Beeson now for an informal chat, without obligation of course! Tel: 01457 764050 or click here to send an email.


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