Radio Copywriting


At Buzzwords, we write radio ads that work. We use only the best production studios – and we buy airtime slots that maximise returns on your advertising budget….

Radio advertising starts with memorable copywriting. With Buzzwords, you also have the option to create a complete broadcast package that includes professional studio production and cost-effective media buying.

Your ads must stand out from the crowd – yet carry a clear commercial message that encourages listeners to ACT. Radio advertising shouldn’t be seen as an entertainment medium. Your airtime has to work hard to earn its keep. Copywriting scripts must therefore have a clear business focus, as the scripts below show:


Radio Advertising - Saint Helen's Glass

This collection of radio copywriting scripts covers a range of sales propositions to tie-in with the company’s other sales and marketing activities.

Radio Production and Media Buying

Buzzwords works with professional recording studios that specialise in producing high quality radio ads. Great sound-effects and amazing voice-overs will transform your scripts into all-singing cameos of communication.

When it comes to buying radio airtime, Buzzwords can help create a local, regional or national package that optimises your budget spend among the 300 or so radio stations broadcasting in the UK and Ireland.

This could include a mix of drive-time, day-time or evening slots on specific radio shows or the ‘Run of Station’ option. You can mix ‘n’ match your radio stations and alternate the days and weeks.

The potential to maximise OTH (‘opportunities to hear’) at competitive ‘cost-per thousand listener’ rates is available to you as a service that takes radio copywriting to its ultimate – and successful – conclusion.


To find out more about Buzzwords’ radio copywriting services – and how the options of radio production and airtime buying can create a cost-effective marketing package – make sure you contact Mike Beeson today. Tel: 01457 764050 or click here to send an email.
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