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Just when we thought the problems of 2008 were behind us – along comes Brexit!  Once again, the economic environment is plagued by uncertainty.  And once again, the services of an experienced financial copywriter were never more necessary.

Winning client confidence through persuasive and authoritative copywriting is absolutely crucial.  That applies across so many sectors from banking and building societies to insurance, accountancy and financial advisers. In the face of sceptical audiences, marketing messages must have the ring of credibility.



Financial copywriting solutions for 2020

The EU Referendum will change the UK’s fiscal landscape for many years to come.  Inevitably, this will colour everyone’s approach to financial affairs, especially when it comes to maximising returns on investments.

It’s likely that the lower overheads and operational efficiencies of online commerce will further consolidate its position as the future of financial dealings.  Everyone involved  in the marketing of financial products and services will be looking for new and innovative ways to develop their sales proposition.

At the same time, integrating innovation with proven marketing techniques will provide the continuity and predictability that markets need. Buzzwords has been involved with all aspects of financial copywriting for many years.  More recently, projects have included creating websites and landing pages, SEO and working in tandem with web developers.  Historically, the emphasis was on writing and designing brochures, mailers and newsletters of every type.

How do you choose a Financial Copywriter?

Should you go for an out-and-out specialist with little or no experience outside the financial markets? Or should you go for a copywriter whose perspective on financial copy is influenced by the wider world, other markets and a wide range of copywriting skills? Buzzwords scores on both counts.

Mike Beeson has wide experience of copywriting in the financial and commercial world. Likewise, as you will see from browsing this website, there are few copywriting skills that Mike doesn’t have. Credibility and experience is a highly potent mix – and it could be working in your favour!

Financial sector experience

In a copywriting career spanning three decades, Mike Beeson has worked for some big names in the financial services sector. The list is long but here are a few examples to give you an idea… Experience ranges from advertising and direct mail for various banks – including Girobank and the Co-Operative Bank – to projects undertaken for building societies such as the West Bromwich Building Society and the Cheshire Building Society.

Buzzwords has worked on corporate advertising and other copywriting projects for Royal Insurance as well as various promotional copywriting publications for insurance companies such as Swinton Insurance and other insurance brokers. It’s a short leap to work done for financial advisers, accountancy firms and management consultants such as Stoy Hayward.

In a more journalistic vein, Mike has worked extensively for the Manchester Evening News over a five-year period. This involved writing business news profiles for Cheshire, Manchester and Lancashire companies working in the financial and commercial sectors. More recently, he’s written financial articles for The Huffington Post. If you fancy a read, go to:

To go direct to the articles, visit:

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All of this demonstrates Mike Beeson’s versatility as a financial copywriter.  If you’d like a no-obligation chat about any of your future copywriting projects – including prices and timescales –  contact Mike Beeson today:

Tel 01457 764050 or click here to send an email.

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