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The UK’s most experienced copywriter has helped thousands of businesses succeed with an amazing range of copywriting and PR services.

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Few copywriters can match the wide-ranging expertise of Mike Beeson. For copy that goes way beyond mere ‘content’, get in touch today!


A successful website tells your story with crystal clarity. It works alongside SEO copywriting that reflects what’s new, hot and EFFECTIVE!


From SMEs to blue-chips, Buzzwords has all the advertising and marketing skill-sets you will ever need to meet today’s business challenges head on!

Public Relations

Buzzwords provides the practical support you need to create polished and professional results for all your PR copywriting and Media Relations projects.


Benefit from the vast copywriting experience of Mike Beeson via one-to-one training and coaching sessions developed with your individual needs in mind.


Buzzwords offers a wide range of copywriting, SEO and public relations services to every type of business throughout the English-speaking world! Our reputation is based on providing quality services within a strategic marketing framework. On that basis, cost-effectiveness is something that all Buzzwords’ clients can take for granted.

We are not ‘wordsmiths’. Rather, we provide strategic business insights where the aim is always to improve your bottom line. There are copywriters who simply do what you tell them – then there are professionals like Buzzwords who are keen to join in your business conversation and add the value your business deserves.

Please take a closer look at the wide range of services provided by Buzzwords, then contact Mike Beeson today for a full run-down of the available business options.

“I’ve been copywriting for longer than I can remember – putting big-name companies on the map, and establishing smaller businesses as a force for the future.
“Whatever stage you’re at in your business development, I would love to work with you on your future copywriting and PR projects. To start the ball rolling, get in touch today!”

Mike Beeson

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Property Copywriter Eyes Global House Prices

When it comes to house prices, why hasn’t ‘the affordability factor’ kicked in? One day, the markets will surely wake up to the fact that ordinary residents of the world’s great cities can no longer afford to live and work in these places.

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Manchester – Just Another UK Property Tale?

The social fissures that a ‘housing famine’ will create are already being felt in large cities like Manchester. Governments in the 1930s, and again in the 1950s, intervened in the market by embarking on massive house building programmes.

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Property Copywriting at Quarter 3, 2016

To keep the house-building show on the road – and the estimated 250,000 jobs that depend on its success – it may be that local authorities and housing associations will need to pick up the baton.

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Copywriting – The Champion of Change

For copywriters, ‘change’ is a way of life. First came the Internet; then Google; then SEO. All of these changes, and more, transformed the world of copywriting in little more than a decade.

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SEO Copywriting and the Alchemy of Linking Inking

SEO Copywriting is corporate gold dust whose off-page incarnation relies for its efficacy on various shades of link building – planned or opportunistic. Either way, it’s been given greater impetus and recognition by the rise of Content Marketing.

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‘To Google’ – With Love

Google has joined the likes of Hoover, Photoshop, Superglue and Velcro where the brand has become a verb. ‘Googling’ is synonymous with using the search engine to solve all your problems.

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Two Cheers For Annuities – R.I.P. 2015?

…the media has been awash with scare stories ranging from feckless individuals blowing every penny of their savings on a Lamborghini, to the entire annuities and life assurance industry going into meltdown.

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Online Marketing: The Reality of Endless Change

Online marketing is a powerful force driven by the conventions of Capitalism overlaid by the imperatives of online powerhouses such as search engines and social media giants. The acceleration of change is super-charged by the need to know more – the better to get ahead of the competition.

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