What’s all this talk about ‘Content Marketing’? Does it drive you crazy? And isn’t it what you’ve been doing for the past ten years anyway?  

You’d certainly be right to think that a lot of ‘hokum’ surrounds ‘content’ – but that doesn’t mean we should all ignore updating our websites and writing great articles.

Still less should it mean we turn a blind eye to the promotional potential of the success stories associated with your company’s products, services and overall expertise! 



  • Effective Content Marketing is primarily about GREAT COPYWRITING
  • Content Marketing is a powerful way to impress people, as well as persuading them to buy from you
  • Content Marketing is all about transforming editorial ideas into ‘triggers-to-buy’
  • Content Marketing relies on rigorous planning and ruthless execution
  • Content Marketing should be part of your company’s DNA – so make it a part of your long term marketing strategy.


Time to Get Organised!

With a bit of organisation and having someone who can write the amount of stuff it takes to keep you in the public eye – Content Marketing suddenly seems like an attractive proposition.

Write a list of what you’d like to say and, more importantly, how you’d like to say it – et voilà (Bob’s your uncle)! You have to keep it up, of course. Plenty has been written about Content Marketing – and why you should have it, but there’s no doubt that it pays off in the long run.

If you haven’t already made a start – what are you waiting for! And if you’ve dipped your toe in the water and it’s not really worked for you, then you probably need to hire a decent copywriter.

For more information, visit Buzzwords’ Content Marketing web page. If you’d like to chat about specific Content Copywriting or planning issues you may have, contact me, Mike Beeson, on 07714 222 464 or e-mail open@buzzwords.ltd.uk

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