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Buzzwords’ website copywriting optimizes search engine rankings while meeting the demands of your target audience…

As ever, website copywriting is all about describing your proposition in a clear and thorough way.  You should also make sure your website copywriter understands how to meet current search engine optimization (SEO) requirements.

Yes, it’s important to write for your target audience in simple yet persuasive language.  It’s also vital to follow well-established SEO techniques to maintain the link between searched-for keywords and the content your website is providing.

How to make a start…

Your best starting point is to sit down with one or two people who understand your business and work out what will be the main pages for your website. This will help to organise your thoughts and create the important pages that will form the sitemap (i.e. the structure) of your website.


Website copywriting for Belgium-based Teleroute, a leading European logistics company

This major website copywriting project was undertaken on behalf of Belgian company, Teleroute, a leading player in the European logistics industry.
AMEC NNC - A UK website copywriting project

The international stance of this UK nuclear services supplier – AMEC – demanded attention to detail of the highest order in every aspect of the web copy.

You need information…

Armed with your sitemap, you should then gather as much relevant information as possible for each of your web pages. What you’re doing here is outlining the key features and benefits of your business. It’s important to take some time over this. After all, it probably took you months – if not years! – to develop your business to the stage it’s at today.

Do it ‘back-to-front’…

The actual copywriting should only begin once you have all the information needed to ‘tell the story’ of your company or organisation! Start first with the products and services pages of your site. Although this approach may seem like you’re working in a ‘back-to-front’ way, it will give you (or your copywriter) that all-important overview of the business before you move on to write the About Us and Home pages.


Gleave Partnership - website copywriting project

Gleave Partnership provide a wide range of quantity surveying and construction consultancy services throughout the UK and Ireland
Expertas International - A website copywriting project

Expertas international colour consultants – applying the science and technology of colour

Write free-flowing copy…

Your ideal website copywriting style should be informal yet informative, well-structured and easy-to-read. Use short paragrapgs, break up the copy with sub-heads and use bullet points to simplify lists of facts. Google is looking for free-flowing copy that keeps – as far as possible – to a single semantic ‘theme’ for each page. You can achieve this by building on naturally occurring keywords (and their associated synonyms).

A note about SEO…

Keywords will always be the link between online searches and the search engine results pages (SERPs). However, recent changes to Google’s algorithms and the growth of content marketing and social sharing (via Twitter, Facebook etc) have reduced the influence of on-page SEO copywriting techniques. On the upside, website copywriters now have more freedom to focus on creating attractive and persuasive copy. Content sharing and generating inbound ‘buzz’ are yet more opportunities for copywriters to wield their influence beyond the confines of the on-page website domain.


Manchester Interiors - website copywriting project

High quality interior fit-outs in the UK’s retail, corporate, residential and leisure sectors
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