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Make the most of today’s endless marketing opportunities by combining Buzzwords’ PR Services in ways that will best benefit your business…

Take a closer look at the PR Services listed below to give you an insight into the many ways Buzzwords can use copywriting and PR techniques to raise your business profile. These tried and tested methods are equally effective in the business-to-business, ‘consumer’ or services sectors. Whatever your business aims, the flexibility of the PR Services available from Buzzwords will help to ensure ongoing success.


online-pr_150x113Online PR

If you thought Online PR was a fad, think again! Online PR is growing like crazy! Apart from its immediacy, the appeal of Online PR lies in its ability to generate inbound links to your website – and also please the robots at Google. This in turn helps with your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy and is rewarded with improved search engine ranking for targeted page URLs and an increase in visitor ‘traffic’ to your website.

case-study-copywriter_150x75Case Study Copywriting

Case Study Copywriting provides you with the ultimate testimonial! It’s the purest written form of PR you’re likely to get, given that PR is all about managing reputations and objective third-party endorsement. By doing what you do well – and then having a client agreeing to publicise it – you have instant credibility (it’s the written equivalent of ‘word-of-mouth’ recommendation). Even better, Buzzwords’ Case Study Copywriting can easily be adapted for Content Marketing, Online PR and Media Relations purposes.

newsletter-copywriting_147x147Newsletter Copywriting

Online newsletters – or the time-honoured printed newsletter – provide the perfect forum for your company’s news and views. They can be written for your workforce, for customers, suppliers and stakeholders – and newsletters can be used to generate business leads or keep relevant audiences informed about what’s going on in your business. Buzzwords can write, design and produce regular online or offline newsletters to provide you with a subtle yet powerful PR tool which no company can afford to ignore.

annual-report-pr_129x130Annual Report Copywriting

The PR potential of Annual Reports goes well beyond a company’s legal obligations to produce accurate corporate information. Shareholders, journalists, employees, local government and other audiences will all look to an organisation’s Annual Report for information on policy, performance and planning for several years ahead. Annual Report Copywriting must encompass the thoughts of senior management whilst empathising with the various ‘publics’ which may be affected by their decisions. Buzzwords’ vast commercial experience and strategic business understanding will guarantee Annual Report Copywriting of the highest order.

Social-Media-marketing_150x125Social Media Marketing

Give your PR the kick-start it deserves with the networking power of social media! In a matter of days, Buzzwords can set you up on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn – then link it all together with a blog or two. Apart from providing multiple forums for your latest ideas, issues and news items, social media will drive valuable extra traffic to your website. Equally important, you can engage with a range of contacts who will begin to know and trust you through the unique personalisation that social media brings to the web – and the new business opportunities that go with it.

Other Marketing & PR Services

Media relations programmes and news release distribution; media monitoring; design; web services; exhibitions; translation services; proof reading; events management; marketing research; Pay-Per-Click advertising.

For an informed and informal chat about your specific property copywriter needs – or you’re interested in commissioning an experienced construction industry copywriter – why not call Mike Beeson at Buzzwords today on Tel: 01457 764050 or click here to send an email.
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