Online PR With Attitude…

You want great news coverage and effortless SEO. Now you can have both with Buzzwords’ Online PR!

The web was made for Online PR! ‘News’ spreads like wildfire across the Internet – especially when SEO copywriting principles are used effectively, and where the right online distribution channels are identified to generate those all-important inbound links.

The fact is, Online PR and SEO go hand-in-hand. News is news. But online news travels faster. Online PR makes sure that it travels wherever keyword searches demand it. And because the web is an ever-expanding repository of information, Online PR material stays around the web for months, or even years!

The power of the web lies in its capacity for link building. Google rewards high quality, ‘relevant’ inbound website links with higher rankings in its organic search results. One of the best ways to generate those links is via keyword-optimized news releases.

With your company’s URL tagged onto the end of each release, your site will acquire an extra link every time it’s published on the web. More links means more ‘traffic’ which in turn may lead to more sales leads.


Online PR – The Mechanics

Distributing information across the web to maximise news coverage and build on its SEO potential depends for its success on knowing where to send the releases. Most PR agencies use a combination of regularly updated media databases, newswires and other portals. With Online PR, even the smallest ‘lifestyle’ business is competing on the same playing field as the biggest multi-national.

Your release could be on the news desks of Reuters or local weekly newspapers in just one click. Costs are containable – whilst extensive coverage is attainable at regional, national and international levels. And when it comes to targeting marketing sectors, flexibility is limited only by the nuances of keyword search terms. In other words, with Online PR, all things are possible!

Buzzwords’ Online PR – A Summary

Online PR performs the same basic function as traditional media relations – but with a range of important plusses:

  • Your news can be on the web within 24 hours
  • Online news releases stay on the web for months
  • Generate those all-important inbound links that help to improve search engine rankings
  • Buzzwords combines targeted keywords with SEO copywriting to propel your website to the higher reaches of Google
  • Well-optimized news releases will generate more online traffic to your website to increase the chances of making direct sales
  • Online PR can promote ‘information’ as much as ‘news’ if you want to benefit from a stream of optimised news releases

To find out more about Buzzwords’ Online PR services, contact Mike Beeson today. Tel: 01457 764050 or click here to send an email.

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