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Buzzwords provides an outstanding Public Relations resource for companies of all types who need the personal commitment of an experienced B2B PR professional

Sector expertise feeds off Buzzwords’ wide range of PR & Media Relations skills to open up endless marketing opportunities for companies in almost every field.

Business-to-business public relations comes in many guises. The essential point to remember is that PR of any hue is just one part of the wider marketing mix. It should therefore be treated as part of your integrated marketing campaign. When you work with Buzzwords, a multitude of marketing options makes the very best of PR in general – and Buzzwords’ B2B PR experience in particular.


pr_food-drink Food and Drink PR

Public relations in the food industry is altogether more ‘racy’ than in other B2B PR sectors – an obvious influence of consumer PR! Buzzwords’ experience of food industry PR includes working for…

Manufacturers of cakes and confectionery products – Bakery equipment manufacturers – Innovators of containers for ‘toasting’ sandwiches – Food industry processing equipment – Meat processors – Food industry container packaging – National sandwich manufacturers.

pr_property-constructionProperty & Construction PR

Construction industry PR has a direct link to the fortunes of the building sector. In hard times – in common with so many other sectors – it could be argued that Construction PR should be stepped up, along with advertising and marketing in general. Buzzwords’ PR work in the construction sector has included:
A market-leading international flooring company – Manufacturers of insulated house-building panels – Architectural accessories – Shopfitters – National house builders.

pr-industrial-manufactuingIndustrial and Manufacturing PR

Industrial and manufacturing PR, together with technical and engineering PR, can draw on a huge range of online and print publications. This makes media relations and communications for manufacturing and industrial companies among the most cost-effective of PR investments. Buzzwords’ experience in this sector is very wide and includes:

Abrasives manufacturers – Transformers and Industrial batteries – Compressed air equipment manufacturers – etc, etc.

public-relations-north-west_153x139Materials Handling PR

Like manufacturing and industrial PR, media opportunities for materials handling companies are huge. This makes targeted media relations and Online PR highly cost-effective. Buzzwords’ familiarity with this sector stems from experience in:

Logistics and distribution operations – Warehousing, mezzanine floors and space-saving solutions – Manufacturers of bespoke conveyors and turnkey systems – Racking and shelving – Overhead travelling-crane design and manufacture for multiple environments.

public-relations-pr_152x140Packaging PR

B2B public relations in this massive sector is well served by a vibrant trade press and Online PR media. Like so much business-to-business PR, packaging public relations is highly competitive. To maximise a company’s presence in the media, it’s essential to have a PR partner like Buzzwords with experience working for:

Designers and manufacturers of pallet-wrapping and shrink wrapping equipment – Packaging container and bottle specialists.

pr-cheshire_113x150Miscellaneous PR

Buzzwords has provided B2B PR services for many companies which don’t fit neatly into a particular sector. These include:

Nursing employment agency – Health & fitness club – Spa – Marketers of interactive educational materials – Water purification container suppliers – Laminated security ID producers etc, etc.

Public Relations and Integrated Marketing

For either ad hoc or regular projects, you’ll want exceptional returns on your PR investment

Buzzwords provides a wide range of business-to-business PR and marketing support services. As a client, you will have access to the services of your choice that best meet your strategic business aims.

Costs are highly competitive and can be tailored to your budget by using only those services which are relevant to your needs. This makes for a highly cost-effective arrangement which can be on either an ad hoc or ongoing retainer basis.

To find out more about how Buzzwords’ Public Relations services can be used as part of an integrated marketing approach for YOUR business, don’t hesitate to contact Mike Beeson today. Tel: 01457 764050 or click here to send an email.
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