The SEO phenomenon of the moment has to be guest blogging.  It’s a great way to build links with other sites that are relevant to your sector – and there’s also the longer-term networking element where your name gradually assumes a more visible online profile.

Buzzwords has been invited several times recently to be a guest blogger on sector-relevant sites – so get in touch if you think you’d like me (Mike Beeson) to add a little something to your own blog!  The same applies if you’d like to submit a piece to this site.  Just e-mail your guest post with an accompanying note if you have something interesting to say about copywriting, SEO or PR.

The key to successful guest blogging is linking up with the ‘right’ site – i.e. one which is in some way connected to the type of work or interest you feature on your blog.  From an SEO viewpoint, it’s important to link with a blog that has ‘high authority’ in Google’s eyes.  If you don’t have access to this kind of SEO data, you could use Google’s very own PageRank which you can include in your Google toolbar.  This will tell you the ‘PR’ of every web page you visit.

Finding relevant blog-site owners to approach with your offer of a free post or two can be tricky.  There are, however, websites out there that list blog sites, with sector categories to help you narrow things down.  These may prove a useful starting point.  You can also find the names of well-known bloggers on media directories, but you may in the end need to resort to some honest ferreting around on Google.

Guest blogging is hard work, and very time-consuming.  The SEO benefits are, however, relatively quick and measurable.  If you’re not a copywriter, why not get in touch by e-mail (or phone Mike Beeson on 07714 222 464) to find out how we can help.  As well as researching and writing regular streams of blogs (whose content we can leverage on your other social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn), we can also identify the best potential guest blogging sites in your sector.

It’s the kind of activity that underpins the services offered by many SEO companies – except this is a service everyone can understand!  In a similar vein, we write and distribute articles and press releases on our clients’ behalf.  Again, it’s a straightforward and transparent link-building service that provides the quality content that Google loves and rewards with higher web page rankings.

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