As a highly experienced website copywriter who’s written hundreds of websites for clients, it may come as a surprise when I say that very few want to follow-on with supporting content to boost their link building and SEO. 

“We just want a brochure website,” is a typical cry.  “Our industry is too competitive to bother with SEO – it would be a waste of time and money,” is another common line.

Oh dear!  These are wasted opportunities to dramatically improve the returns on what are often substantial investments in design and copywriting.  I do point out to them that a completed website is just the beginning of making a real impact with a business’ online marketing.

In some cases, of course, the client has obviously pushed the boat out financially, so the last thing they want to talk about is spending more money – especially if it’s a regular monthly retainer fee.

What many people don’t realise is that supporting content in the shape of articles, regular blog posts and online news releases (to name just a few!) are all skill-sets that fall within a website copywriter’s domain.

Regular, well-written blog posts, for instance – on your own website or as a guest post on another site – will not only build up a regular following of readers who will keep returning to your website.

The original and industry-relevant content will also provide Google with exactly the kind of quality content it needs for its search strategy.  This content will, in turn, be rewarded with higher rankings for the web pages and key phrases concerned.

Surely, this is what investing in online marketing is all about?  The rewards of having a strategic, quality content programme in place are priceless if the investment leads to more business.

When you’re having a website created, keep these thoughts in mind.  Ask your copywriter whether they can advise on the content that will best support your online marketing.

Make no mistake: most of the skills and services that are central to a cost-effective online marketing strategy can be provided by a clued-up copywriter!

A good starting point for gaining an insight into Buzzwords’ approach to website copywriting and SEO can be found by visiting:

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