Splashing out on copywriting training courses could be one of the best investments you make.  And once you’re sure the idea has legs, the next question is: what type of course is best for you?   

The choice is huge and ranges from courses run by professional marketing bodies to specialist training companies to practising copywriters and creative companies. 


  • Professional Bodies

Most professional bodies in the marketing sector have their own training arm.  As you would expect, they keep a keen eye on quality and professional standards.  The trainers they employ will either be specialists in a particular aspect of marketing, or ‘generalist’ professional trainers with a wide-ranging portfolio of standard courses they can tap into.

  • Specialist Training Companies

At another level, we have the more entrepreneurial specialist training companies whose focus is on marketing courses of all types, taking in online and traditional copywriting. Courses of this type are typically run for small groups of around half-a-dozen or so delegates, either in-house on the client’s premises or at a venue specified by the training company. The inter-action between attendees from various backgrounds can make for a lively atmosphere, with the trainer boosting the proceedings with workshops and other practical activities.

  • Practising Copywriters

For individuals or companies who are looking for courses at a one-to-one level, there are specialist marketing agencies or copywriters who combine their day-to-day professional copywriting work with courses specially tailored for their clients’ needs.


Buzzwords falls into the last category where tailored copywriting training is provided on a one-to-one basis (or in very small groups) that will deliver a focused learning experience.

Course content is written and delivered by Mike Beeson who just happens to be one of the UK’s most experienced copywriters!  This ensures that students receive professional coaching from a practising copywriter.

Mike’s knowledge extends to the latest copywriting techniques, SEO and social media.  This is all backed up by a thorough grounding in the principles and practices of traditional offline copywriting.


To find out more, be sure to visit the Copywriting Courses page on Buzzwords’ website.

Alternatively, call Mike Beeson direct on 07714 222 464.

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