Forget about piling headlong into the first copywriting training course that catches your eye.  Not only is that a recipe for professional disaster.  It’s also likely you’ll be wasting your money.   

To help you avoid the more common pitfalls, I’ve listed a few pointers below to help you on your way:  



  • Choose your course wisely.  You’re looking to fill gaps in your knowledge and skill-sets.  Make sure the course content meets these needs.  Make sure it suits your preferences for large-group training, one-to-one training or ongoing coaching.
  • Go into it with ENTHUSIASM!  Make the most of your opportunity.  Prepare beforehand – read around the subject.  Follow up after your training… with another course or applying what you’ve learnt in a real-life scenario.
  • Background reading.  Look at the ‘Greats’ of copywriting from both past and present eras.  Read anything you can get your hands on, especially if it helps develop your knowledge and awareness of popular culture.  Copywriting doesn’t exist in a vacuum – and neither should you!
  • Have an end in view.  Know why you’re doing the course you’ve chosen.  At the very least, your aim should be to improve your copywriting skills.  From this, other benefits will follow – more confidence; more effective communication within your company and with external/freelance creatives; saving your company money… the list is long!
  • Have a medium-term plan (beyond the here and now!).  Is better copywriting a means to an end – career progression, a more profitable business, or a launch-pad for a new copywriting career?  (Add your own ambitions and aspirations!)
  • You never stop learning.  A copywriting course may suit you as part of a CPD programme (Continuous Professional Development).  It may be that your ambition is to become an ace freelance copywriter in three years’ time.  Or you may aim to have a well-rounded skills portfolio to help with your overall career progression.

By taking into account some (or all) of the above points, not only will you maximise your chances of choosing the ‘right’ copywriting training course.  You will also minimise your chances of wasting your time, energy and money.

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