eggs in basketIn the rush to optimise everything that goes under the heading of online copywriting, so many companies make the mistake of overlooking their offline marketing activities. 

What should be happening of course is that all their eggs shouldn’t be in the online basket.  It’s vital to keep a handle on so many of the other offline marketing tools that can still pack a punch. 

By that, I mean things like well-written and persuasive sales letters, together with mailers whose originality cannot be ignored.  I’m talking about eyeball-grabbing ads in both the print and broadcast media.  And editorial pieces in well-chosen publications that will enhance the stature of your company and its products and services in ways that ‘online’ can never hope to emulate. 

In the real world, you should be doing all the offline stuff in parallel with online activity.  It’s our old friend ‘integrated marketing’ rearing its head again – not that it ever went away. 

In the days before everything was shunted online, integrated marketing usually meant supporting your TV ads with a press campaign, direct mail and maybe even radio or posters!  

Now, we’re probably talking about a co-ordinated content marketing effort that combines website landing pages aligned with a Pay-Per-Click campaign; articles and blog posts optimised for carefully-chosen keywords and directed at specific web pages. 

Today’s canny marketer will be looking to run parallel offline campaigns, not just to generate enquiries and boost brand awareness, but also to drive traffic to chosen websites and pages through direct and indirect linking, and longer-term link building and SEO. 

This all costs money, so it’s up to smaller businesses or company departments with a finite budget to allocate their resources in a measured – and measurable – way. 

By approaching target markets in a sequenced and segmented way that incorporate both online and offline copywriting tools, impressive returns can be generated, even with minimal budgets.

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