It’s that seasonal thing – a bit like Christmas, but a lot less predictable.  When your key suppliers jet off to the sun (and don’t bother telling you!), that can be mighty frustrating.

August of course is the peak period, when travel companies and ice-cream men double their prices.  Because they can.  Take a closer look and you might spot your printer sunning himself on a Greek beach, or your web designer licking lollies with his wife and kids in Cornwall.

Yes, holidays are A GOOD THING – unless you’re the one left behind in rainy Blighty, tearing your hair out trying to find a photographer, copywriter or some other supplier who isn’t already booked up in the sunshine way.

Speaking as a copywriter, I’m in the fortunate position of being able to take my holidays off-peak.  May in Marrakesh or September in Side aren’t packed to the gunnels with the August crowd – and the prices are more agreeable too.

It also means I’m available for projects when the rest of the world and his wife have thrown caution to the wind.  That’s not to say there aren’t frustrations…

Chief among these are projects being shelved or put on the back burner.  Admittedly, that’s looking down the opposite end of the telescope from clients left in the lurch by suppliers who are  ‘en vacances’ but I suppose summer holidays are a cross we all have to bear in our different ways – until it’s our turn for the airport taxi to come knocking!

If your copywriter has gone AWOL – or you’re looking for some fresh copywriting inspiration – who not call me for a chat on 07714 222 464.


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