I was musing earlier (they can’t touch you for it!)…

Like a near-death flash it came over me: I was ahead of my time when it comes to SEO!  Maybe I’d learnt to think in a Google-inspired way but … it made sense even as far back as two years ago to write and distribute great articles, blog posts and news releases to the audiences that mattered.  It was somewhere between article marketing and the kind of SEO-link building that’s pretty much mainstream nowadays (with a touch of optimised media relations thrown in).

Alas, like so many aspects of marketing, there’s a conservatism among both clients and practitioners that favours procrastination over realisation.  Even if I’d shouted from the rooftops, there’s a limit to what even the most rabid evangelism can achieve.  As it happens, the rest of the world has (kind of) caught up.  I shan’t be changing my name to ‘Messiah’ anytime soon – but maybe some people will catch the drift of this experienced SEO copywriter.

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