I’ve seen recessions come and go.  I’ve seen good copywriters and designers defeated by economic circumstances.  And I’ve seen other people succeed despite the inevitable shakeouts that recessions create.


How can it be that some people can ride out the storm while others succumb to its devastating forces?  It’s a complicated mix that dictates who succeeds and who fails.  You could say it’s often a matter of luck that’s linked to the sectors in which your clients operate.  It may be that talent will win out – whatever the economic climate.  Or it may be that economic prudence wins the day either through having a healthy pile of working capital, or having a limited number of well-managed outgoings.


So many reasons are given in the media post mortems as to why businesses fail.  In many cases, it goes back to making a wrong investment decision or taking the company in a wrong direction.  It may even be about failing to diversify when the writing was on the wall.  With others, it may be connected with directors not seeing eye-to-eye, or perhaps not seeing that their product’s particular life-cycle was well and truly exhausted.


What you will never read about are ‘the great immeasurables’ – life-enhancing positives like inter-personal chemistry; the likeability factor; and the dogged, upbeat attitudes of whoever is running the show.  Despite the great shift of emphasis towards online business transactions, success in business will always depend on client-supplier relationships.


This can take many forms.  From the suppliers’ viewpoint, however, there are certain ‘givens’ that will underpin future success.  And given that everyone is a ‘supplier’ (except the ultimate end-user who finally eats ‘the-burger-that-started-life-as-a-cow-in-a-field’), here are some useful tips paraphrased from a number of sources to create a ready-reference you should keep handy around the office:

  • Have      a Positive Attitude

Stick Post-It Notes in obvious places – just to remind you.

  • Expect      Positive Outcomes 

Expect the best – the rest will surely follow.

  • Do      Unto Others…

(and you know the rest!)

  • Radiate      Success!

Even if you have to re-invent yourself.

  • Ignore      Doom-Mongers

The end may well be nigh – but only if you will it to be!

  • Keep      Looking For New Ideas

‘Duck and Dive’ – it’s the ‘How To’ for successful people!

  • Turn      Yourself Into ‘Action Man’

Get involved.  Talk.  Get yourself known.

  • Smile!

Yes, it’s true.  And if smiling don’t come easy – fake it ’til you make it!

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