“10 Pinterest marketing strategies” “Six great ways to become a Pinterest expert” Does this sound familiar? For the past six months I’ve been receiving weekly articles and blogs on my RSS feeds relating to this wonder network entitled Pinterest. Naturally curiosity got the better of me and I registered to Pinterest.

When I finally completed the Pinterest registration I was genuinely impressed. Everything seemed creative, fun and fresh. It was a breath of fresh air from the stale Facebook formula and something much more content driven and fun than Twitter. So then I started creating boards and adding pins, a following was generated and Pinterest started to become Pinteresting!

Anyway, fast forward a few months and Pinterest has now become a global sensation (It’s now the third most popular social network in America). This all sounds great but one thing is noticeable with Pinterest and that is the number of blatant spammy, SEO types who are infesting this creative (almost innocent) social networking utopia.

Pinterest has become a social networking sensation due to its originality. Although this has happened organically, you can’t help but draw comparisons with Google-plus. At present, Google- plus is simply a platform for marketers, marketing to marketers (a similar concept to Eskimos selling more snow to Eskimos). SEO companies and marketers are still not getting the message, social networks are social! If these so-called social media marketing gurus stopped labelling every social network that walked “The next big thing” (i.e. Pinterest) we may see them flourish because users enjoy the content and experience. Pinterest has recently employed the “no follow” tag to all links deterring SEOs but it’s only a matter of time before some “Expert” tells us that Pinterest can help us all in the SERPS dramatically!

What next for Pinterest? If things carry on the way they are, Pinterest could become ancient history come the end of 2012. If, however, it can find a way of banishing these spammers and SEOs the future’s bright. Marketers created the downfall of MySpace (well Facebook did, but spammers contributed). Google-plus is still a barren wilderness of so called “social media experts” and Twitter has its fair share of marketing spam. Pinterest is still maturing, users are still familiarising themselves with the concept, marketers have no place there.

So what if women are the majority users of Pinterest? Or that Pinterest can boost your website traffic by 2.4 per cent? Or that every business should have a Pinterest account? There’s no doubt that Pinterest is a great and welcome newcomer – so let’s keep it that way and maybe you should start using it for marketing when you have something Pinteresting to say.

Check out these Pinteresting facts to get a further understanding of the Pinterest growth:



Author +Mike Beeson

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